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Moving across the street or to a different city? Whether it is to a house, apartment, condominium, or even to a dormitory if you are moving within 150 miles, at Tony’s Moving Corp. we consider it local. Easier said than done, moving to a nearby destination could seem more troublesome and that is why we, Tony’s Moving Corp go through the hassle for you. From your old house to your new, we pack, unpack, locate and assemble for you.  For New Jersey local movers near you, get a free estimate.

Flat Rate, No Hidden Cost

At Tony’s Moving Corp, it is the well-trained, knowledgeable workers who make the local moving experience different from those of other moving companies. We are rated as the best moving company in New Jersey on Yelp and Google with 5 star ratings.  We show dedication and continuously work to make our customers content. Tony’s Moving Corp. is fully equipped to handle all moves of different sizes. If you have valuable goods, there is no need to worry. We use pads, cardboard, and stretch vinyl warp to keep your valuables safe. So, when you are ready, get a quote or give Tony’s Moving Corp. a call and tell us about your inventory. Depending on the size of goods, number of rooms, number of family members, size of truck used, working hours, number of workers, and the moving distance, Tony’s Moving Corp. will give you an all-inclusive unbeatable rate.

Interstate Moving

Packing up and moving to a new place can be intimidating. Here at Tony’s Moving Corp. we help to take the anxiety and stress off our customers. If you are moving within the States, Tony’s Moving Corp. will be able to offer professional services to our customers. From packing and unpacking your goods and settling in your new home we have you covered.  We are the best rated long distance moving companies on Yelp and Google.

We, at Tony’s Moving Corp. understand that you want to get the moving over with and settle down in your new home. That is why we make it fast and simple. We offer same-day service, next-day service, and three or four-day service to relocate your belongings. However, if you are moving from the East to the West Coast we will need more than two weeks.

Fully Licensed And Insured

Tony’s Moving Corp. has all kinds of insurances such as Property damage: 2 Million Dollars, Personal injury: 2 Million Dollars, Worker’s Compensation: 1 Million Dollars, and Cargo insurance. If any building or management company needs proof of the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Tony’s Moving Corp. is ready to provide it at all times.

Long-Distance is Not An Issue

Distance is not an issue for us. Despite the company’s location in Northern New Jersey, Tony’s Moving Corp. covers a wide range of locations. For out-of-state moving, these areas are where Tony’s Moving Corp. has covered most frequently for the past 21 years.

Eastern Area: Boston, Ithaca, Albany, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia, Richmond, Washington DC, Baltimore. Central Area: Chicago, Wisconsin, Indiana, Bloomington, West Lafayette, Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Iowa. Southern Area: Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee. Western Area: California, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Las Vegas, Denver, New Mexico, Arizona, Portland, Oregon, Seattle Washington.

Tony’s Moving Corp. has all kinds of insurances such as Property damage: 2 Million Dollars, Personal injury: 2 Million Dollars, Worker’s Compensation: 1 Million Dollars, and Cargo insurance. If any building or management company needs proof of the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Tony’s Moving Corp. is ready to provide it at all times.

Uncomfortable? Pregnant? Or Just Busy?

Our packing professionals at Tony’s Moving Corp. wrap and pack your valuables and belongings safe and secure.

The most tedious and frustrating part of moving is packing all the belongings that you have accumulated for many years and then unpacking it all over again in your new home. We offer our services to all, especially to those who are busy, uncomfortable, pregnant or have children. Our packing professionals at Tony’s Moving Corp. wrap and pack your valuables and belongings safe and secure.

You don’t need to prepare anything; all you need to do is lets us know when. Tony’s Moving Corp will bring all the necessary packing materials from small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, wardrobe boxes, unprinted papers, to pads and vinyl wraps to pack all belongings from furniture, electronics, pictures and mirrors and valuables of all sizes.


Full Packing Service

Save time and energy and leave everything to Tony’s Moving Corp. For a Full Packing Service, we pack all the belongings and objects in every room that you would like to take to your new home. Our professional packers and movers will clean out your old house and transport it to your new home. Stress-free.

Partial Packing Service

Are there things that you would prefer to pack and handle yourself? Then choose the Partial Packing Service. If you just need the extra help from our professionals whether it is to finish up packing the rest of your belongings or to pack large furniture and objects, no problem, that is what we are here for.

Unpacking Service

To say you are fully done with moving, all objects and belongings need to be unpacked and put into their newly assigned places in your new home. If you choose the Unpacking Service, Tony’s Moving Corp. will unpack all items that are boxed whether they were packed and wrapped by us or yourself.

We Offer Flexibility

Have a different move-in date? or just need a place to keep your belongings while you are away? We have the perfect place for you.

In a dilemma of what to do with all your packed belongings because you have a different moving out and moving in date? At Tony’s Moving Corp. if we are handling your moving process, we also provide storage services for you at an unbeatable price.

Door-To-Door Service

Door to Door service: When you’re ready to move out, just let us know and we will come to pick up your belongings at your current location. Tony’s Moving Corp. will store your belongings in a safe secure place until your move-in date. If you need it at a later date, let one of our specialists know and we may be able to assist you with that also.

Storage Facility

All of Tony’s Moving Corp. storage facilities are secure and safe. Each customer’s belongings are stored separately and individually and all facilities are closed to the public. To prevent it from getting lost or mixed with other customer’s belongings, we mark and keep an electrical list of all that we handle. Our facilities are climate controlled for valuables.


Long Term

Are you planning to move out of the country for a while and return in the future and need a place to put all your belongings? Tony’s Moving Corp. can keep everything safe, long term while you are away. We provide door to door service, so if you let us know when you need your belongings back, Tony’s Moving Corp. will deliver it right back to you wherever you need it.

Short Term

If you are looking for a place to store your belongings for a short period, because you simply need some extra space or need to store while your house is getting renovated, Tony’s Moving Corp. can provide you a solution. Let our specialists know how big your inventory is and we will store your belongings for you securely.

Tony’s Moving Corp is fully licensed, Insured and registered.

We have a New Jersey Public Mover’s License that is issued by the New Jersey State Government and an interstate Carrier license that is issued by the Federal Government. Tony’s Moving Corp. is also registered with the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.).

We Deliver Your Car : Guaranteed Service

Transporting your auto vehicle has never been easier with Tony’s Moving Corp. Running or non-running we transport your auto vehicle from door to door. With 10+ Years of experience and our reasonable rate our transportation service is quick, safe and affordable.


Door to door Service

Stress-free and hassle-free, Tony’s Moving Corp. picks up your car from your front door and transports it to your choice of destination. Save your miles and take a break by getting door-to-door auto transport service.

Licensed and Insured

Tony’s moving Corp. is a reliable solution for your vehicle transportation. We are fully insured (Property damage, Personal injury, Workers Compensation, Cargo Insurance) and fully licensed (Local and Interstate Moving)

On-Time Delivery

Anywhere within the States we deliver your car for you, and on time. From East to the West coast it will take ten days to two weeks. From north eastern areas to southern areas it will take seven to ten days. We will deliver your vehicle on time.

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