So the day is finally here; your packing is done, boxes are labeled, and you are all ready to move to your new place! This day is a culmination of your efforts to get ready for your relocation. 

what to expect moving day

The day can be exciting, overwhelming, and stressful at the same time. It’s that one day when all elements of your plan come together, and you leave your old home behind you. But it’s not just another ordinary day—a moving day is something you plan thoroughly and execute meticulously. 

You need to make sure everything goes smoothly and let the movers do their job. To help you prepare, we have compiled a list of things to expect on a moving day. With a well-prepared mind, you will live a less stressful day. 

1. The Arrival of the Moving Company

So, the moving company has told you about their arrival time! You will need to wake up on time and wait for the local movers to arrive. Also, make sure you are done with all the last-minute packing or preparation and fully ready before the crew comes. 

2. Written Inventory by the Moving Company

The moving and storage company will compile an inventory of all the items to be moved right after they arrive. They do this to prevent any future liability claim for loss of items. Therefore, make sure to supervise while they are compiling the list and ensure they don’t miss any items.  

It would be best if you proof-check the inventory and read it thoroughly. If you are taking the help of friends or family and not movers, make a detailed inventory yourself to know what stuff goes where.

3. Let the Movers be in Control

We know you are moving, but you have to expect the movers to be in control that day. It is a good idea to let them use their own techniques and methods of packing, arranging, and loading items. Try not to interfere or instruct them!

If you are not using the services of professional movers, try to keep all your boxes and things organized and coordinated. Also, let only those persons who have prior experience of moving to be in control.

4. Bill of Lading

After the movers load your items and boxes into the truck, they will ask you to acknowledge a bill of lading. This bill outlines the amount of the moving estimate, the value of the goods, and the estimated delivery time. Make sure to thoroughly go through all the document’s terms before signing.

5. Be Prepared to be Tired

Last, moving to a new place is not a piece of cake. Even after moving to the new home, the first day will be super hectic. Therefore, be prepared for it, both mentally and physically!

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