Whether you want to move locally or interstate, the process can be hectic and time-consuming. Most people prefer to hire local movers over truck rentals to make the job less stressful. 

risks of cheap mover

Obviously, hiring professional moving and storage services is an added expense. Still, it's advisable not to restrict your budget too much when looking for a quality moving service. 

A full-service mover may charge relatively high, but it will take care of everything, from packing and unpacking your belongings to transportation and storage

On the other hand, more often than not, cheap movers may not always provide premium services, making your move even more frustrating.

Here are some risks associated with booking cheap movers:

1. The Movers Might Be Inexperienced

While higher rates don't always guarantee better service, the cost and quality of service are often correlated. Plus, it's no secret that movers with several years of experience tend to charge more. The best movers in your area may charge higher fees because their crew might comprise highly trained and experienced professionals. 

Experienced movers make sure your belongings reach their destination without a scratch, which is crucial if you have many fragile items or art pieces. High-value items need specialized transport arrangements. 

For example, if you have a piano and want to move around NYC or NJ area, it's wise to hire trained piano movers NJ. While their hourly rates may be relatively higher, you can rest assured your valuables won't be broken or lost.

Remember that you're entrusting your moving company with your valuable possessions, so don't be afraid to ask them about their experience, training, and certifications. And never compromise on quality service, even if the fee is higher.

2. They May Have Hidden Charges

Does a moving company charge suspiciously lower fees, even though they're experienced? Likely, they're not telling you the full fees upfront. You might end up spending more than the initial verbal quote. 

Some moving companies charge a ridiculously higher price for even a bit of extra weight. As such, it is always a good idea to get an estimate in writing and make sure to go over dismantling, assembly, and other additional costs like stairs fees, holiday upcharges, rescheduling fees, last-minute booking costs, etc.

3. Your Move Might Not Be Insured

Sometimes your movers may charge less if they're not insured or don't add insurance costs to their flat fee. You may have to get separate moving insurance to protect your belongings, which can be pretty expensive. 

Remember that moving insurance is essential, whether provided by the movers or a third party. It helps you recover any losses or damages incurred during the moving process. So, always be sure to hire an insured mover. 

4. The Mover Might Be a Scam

There's always an off chance that the movers you want to hire aren't legitimate. Despite the initial quote, moving scammers can hold your possessions and demand extra pay. When booking movers, always ask for references and check the mover's license.

5. They May Lack Certifications and Have Negative Reviews

Movers lacking necessary certifications may also charge less. A lack of certification indicates less experience, illegitimacy, or a lack of a trained workforce. You don't want to put your belongings at risk just to save some money, do you?

All legitimate movers NJ and elsewhere will have a US Dept. of Transportation registration number, liability insurance, references, and favorable online reviews. 

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