Moving can be overwhelming, especially when it is a long-distance move like moving out of New Jersey to Washington DC. You are uncertain about the cost and expenses and don’t know what to expect throughout the moving process from NJ to DC. 

guide move nj dc

We have compiled this detailed guide with all the necessary information you will need for moving from New Jersey to DC. Keep reading!

1. Assess the Weight of Your Belongings

The most important thing that affects the moving cost from NJ to DC is the weight and volume of your stuff. The more stuff you take along, the more you will pay for the move. So, try to keep your belongings light by selling some furniture items you don’t need anymore or are very old. You can even give some of your stuff to charity if you don’t want to sell them.

2. Travel Distance

Keep in mind that moving companies don’t just charge you based on the weight of your belongings; they will also charge you per mile for long distance moves. Also, the cost will depend on what city of New Jersey you want to move out of. For example, if you live in Atlantic City, you will pay more to move to Washington DC than if you live in Trenton. So, the travel distance is the final element that your local movers will use to determine the moving cost. 

3. Moving Services

It won’t cost much if you just need a mover to pick up your stuff from New Jersey and drop it in DC. On the other hand, your costs will go up if you want the moving company NJ to handle the packing, unpacking, moving, and storage of your belongings. Hiring full-service interstate movers is a good idea as it will reduce your stress. The extra cost is worth it!

4. Movers Charge More for Delicate Items

If you have fragile and delicate items like jewelry, glass items, heirlooms, or musical instruments, you will have to pay a surcharge for their safety during the move. These items will need more labor, unique equipment, special care, and maximum protection. If you want to reduce your moving cost, try not to take these items along or sell them before making a long-distance move from New Jersey to Washington.

5. Try to Move Off-Season

Did you know that spring and summer are the peak seasons when people opt to move, especially in New Jersey and Washington? Yes, because kids have summer vacations, and it is not freezing cold in both the states during these seasons. Similarly, the demand and rates of movers in NJ are sky-high during summer. 

We recommend you move during Autumn if possible, especially from September to April. This way, you won’t have a hard time finding a moving company NJ, and the whole process will be relatively affordable as compared to moving in summer.

Final Words

Moving is challenging and tedious, so why not make it easier by hiring the best movers in NJ? Tony’s moving Corp. is a leading mover that can make your move from NJ to DC as seamless as possible. We have a team of professionals on board that will help you with all the packing, moving and storage activities. The best part? We’re cheap movers, so rest assured you wouldn’t break the bank by moving with us. 

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