With the cost of living continuing to rise in many areas, more and more Americans are looking to move somewhere cheaper to cut their expenses. Whether you're looking to relocate now or in the future, knowing where you can best afford to settle down is essential, given your financial situation. With that in mind, let's have a look at which states are the cheapest to move to in 2022.

cheapest states move

1. Alabama

Alabama is one of the best states in the US, with pleasantly warm weather and beautiful gulf coast beaches. The best part? It has a low cost of living. Home prices, rent, and health care are considerably low in Alabama. The average rent of a house is around $800 here. Even schools in Alabama are more affordable than most other states. 

2. Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the fourth cheapest state in the US. From big cities to small towns and scenic views, Oklahoma is a beautiful and affordable state to move to in 2022. It is known for its low home and healthcare prices. Rest assured, you'll have a quality life in this state. The average house rent in Oklahoma is $750.

3. Georgia

Georgia is known for its low home prices, general living costs, and exceptional job market with opportunities for everyone. Besides being affordable, it is one of the most beautiful states in America. 

4. Tennessee

Tennessee is on this list because of its affordable transportation options, low home prices and rents, and affordable healthcare cost. Plus, there's no tax on individual income in Tennessee, making it an attractive place for anyone who wants to save money. 

5. Iowa

Iowa is a great state to move to not just because of the low living cost but also because of the scenic views. Iowa's job market is thriving and offering opportunities to people of every profession. In fact, Iowa has the highest literacy and graduation rate in the whole US.

6. West Virginia

West Virginia is also one of the best states to live in terms of quality of life, low living costs, and minimum healthcare costs. It is also one of the most beautiful in the US and offers countless outdoor and recreational activities to families. Moving to Virginia means you will get the chance to see breathtaking mountains and indulge in many fun and adventurous activities.

7. Indiana

Indiana has a thriving economy and lower living costs. From grocery to transportation to home prices and healthcare, everything is relatively affordable here! It also has some of the top-rated schools and colleges in the world.

Consult the Best Movers

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