Moving can be tedious and stressful, especially when you take the DIY route for a long-distance move like New Jersey to Virginia. Apart from preparing yourself to adjust to a new environment, you must deal with the stress of packing and transporting your possessions safely. 

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Fortunately, having proper knowledge about what to expect while moving out of New Jersey to Virginia can help make your relocation less stressful and more manageable. Plus, a professional and reliable moving company NJ like Tony's Moving Corp. can take most of the burden off your shoulders. 

In this post, we will share some essential tips and tricks to make your move from NJ to VA a seamless process. Read on!

Move Out of NJ to VA With Tony's Moving Corp.

Tony's Moving Corp. is one of the leading moving companies NJ that has been operating since 2002. We're a fully licensed and insured company providing local and interstate moving and storage services in the US. From transportation to packing and unpacking, we go above and beyond to ensure your move from New Jersey to Virginia is as smooth as possible. 

We consider your valuable possessions as our own and make sure they stay intact during the entire move. All your items will be packed and transported with utmost care and protection. The comfort and satisfaction of our customers are always our top priorities.

Tips to Move From New Jersey to Virginia

Here are a few handy tips that will make your move from NJ to VA a little more convenient:

1. Make a Proper Plan

Start planning as soon as you know you have to relocate. Making a proper spreadsheet and writing down all the tasks you need to complete within the set time frames is a good idea. 

Is there any property you need to sell before moving? Do you have to resign from your current workplace and find a new job? Where are you going to live after moving to VA? Make sure you have all things planned before deciding on a moving date.

2. Lighten the Load

The more stuff you have, the more will be your moving cost. We recommend you lighten the load as much as you can. If you have large or heavy belongings that you don't want in your new home, you can sell or donate them before moving. This way, you won't have to pay extra cash for packing and transporting heavy items. 

3. Don't Leave Anything for the Last Minute

As briefly mentioned above, always plan ahead! Don't leave anything or any task for the last minute. Make sure you are ready and packed a day before the actual moving date. Also, keep all your important documents in a safe place so that you don't forget anything in a hurry. 

4. Pick the Best Movers in NJ

Make sure to hire a reputed and reliable mover to move from NJ to VA. You can look up the local movers or interstate movers, read the reviews, and ask friends and family for recommendations. 

So, are you ready to pick the best movers to move out of New Jersey to Virginia? Tony's Moving Corp. has your back! Call us at 888-504-2424 or 201-947-9270 and get a free quote now!