When you're relocating to a new home, you need to find a storage unit for your personal belongings. If you don't have friends or family members who can offer you their extra space, you might be thinking about renting a storage unit. While you may have many storage units near your home, it is crucial to find the convenient, safe, and cost-effective one.

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The good news is that many movers in NJ offer both moving and storage facilities. In any case, moving to a new place itself is a challenging task, and we know preparing your stuff for storage would be an additional hassle. That is why we are offering a few tips on packing and preparing your items for storage so that they stay safe and intact.

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1. Create an Inventory List

First, you need to create an inventory list of all the items you plan to pack and store. It is easy to forget things in the middle of the moving chaos. From paintings to small things like needles, write it all down before packing. This way, you won't forget to pack anything.

2. Clean and Vacuum

You don't want to enter your new house with a musty and mildew stink. As such, it is essential to clean and vacuum your stuff before packing and storing them. Also, clean even the tiniest of things with cleansing wipes. Doing this beforehand will save you from the cleaning spree right after moving.

3. Disassemble Large Items

Make sure to disassemble all the huge items like dining tables, dressers, and beds before packing and storing them. This will save you a lot of space and protect the items from wear and tear. 

4. Label the Boxes

If you plan to use the traditional cardboard moving boxes, we recommend you label them appropriately. This way, you won't have to go on a maze hunt when you need to find something from the storage unit. Also, try to be a little specific with labels. Instead of writing' clothes,' write 'XYZ's clothes.' 

5. Climate Control

Last but not least, don't forget to safeguard your items from weather conditions, especially if your storage unit is not climate-controlled. Moisture, dust, mold, and mildew can damage your items if you don't take preventive measures. 

It is good to apply protective spray on furniture, keep the doors of the fridge and microwaves slightly open, and cover the furniture with cotton sheets. Also, cover up the cords of all the kitchen appliances with bubble wraps.

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In the end, it is always recommended to take the professional help of a reliable moving company in NJ to pack, move, and unpack your stuff.

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