When hiring a moving company, you have two payment options: flat-rate and hourly. While both are self-explanatory, each has advantages and disadvantages that make one preferable over the other in specific scenarios. 

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Depending on your moving needs, one type of move may be more cost-effective than the other. Keep reading to learn the difference between flat-rate vs. hourly moves and determine which one is best for you. 

What is a Flat-Rate Move?

A flat-rate move is a type of relocation where the customer pays a fixed price for the entire move, regardless of how long it takes. These moves are often advertised as “all-inclusive,” but this is not always the case. Be sure to check with the moving company to get the exact costs associated with your move. 

What is an Hourly Move?

An hourly move is a type of move where the customer is charged for the time the moving crew spends on the job. The amount you end up paying will depend on how long the activity takes, so there’s no way to predict 100% how much an hourly move will cost until it’s over. 

One benefit of an hourly move is that you’re guaranteed to pay a set price for the services you receive. If the movers finish the job early, then you don’t have to pay for the extra time. If they take longer than expected, you’ll pay a higher price. 

Flat-Rate vs. Hourly Moves: Which is Better?

It depends on the situation!  

The biggest advantage of flat-rate moves is that they’re usually less expensive when you’re making a long-distance move. This is because you’re paying a single price upfront. In contrast, hourly moves require you to pay the movers per hour, which can get expensive if the job takes longer than expected. Also, a flat rate is better than an hourly rate when you want to move out of a large home with too many belongings. 

On the other hand, we recommend you prefer an hourly rate if you’re moving out of a smaller home, such as an apartment. That’s because it doesn’t take much time to move out of a smaller home, so you’ll just pay for the hours spent moving out. Plus, this is the best option for you if the distance between your old home and new home is short because it won’t take much time to relocate. 

In terms of moving quality, there’s no difference between a flat rate and an hourly move if you have chosen the best movers in New Jersey. The mover is the same, the crew is the same, and the equipment used for the move is the same. Since both types of moves include a set number of hours for the crew, you can expect the same level of service for either kind of move.

But an important thing to remember with hourly moves is that you’ll have to pay the movers for any extra time they spend on the move, even if they don’t finish the job by the expected time. 

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