It's no secret that you have to pay extra attention and be more cautious when packing fragile items for a move. Not doing so can increase the risk of costly damages. 

That said, it isn't easy to pack delicate items. It involves complex and exclusive packing techniques and specialized handling techniques. 

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The best moving and storage companies also offer packing and unpacking services. They are experts in packing fragile items and know how to handle things susceptible to breakage. 

But did you know that there are many misconceptions about packing delicate items that many people believe to be true? Let's bust the common myths about packing fragile items for a move. 

Large-Sized Items Are Sturdy

Large items "appear" strong and sturdy, but that doesn't mean every large item in your home is solid in reality. Because of this misconception, many people are less cautious when packing and moving large objects. This results in accidents and losses during loading, unloading, and transporting the items. 

Remember that oversized objects can be just as delicate as smaller ones. Take pianos, for example—since piano movers NJ know the intricacies of handling pianos, they wrap the lids and keys with moving blankets and secure every side with blankets and tape. Not doing so can cause damage to the piano.

Labeling Boxes or Containers Isn't Important

Some people skip adding labels to boxes containing fragile items. If you don't put labels on the boxes or containers, they'd be treated like any other moving box. As a result, these fragile items can be mishandled and damaged during the moving process. We always recommend putting labels on the boxes that clearly state "handle with care" or "fragile item."

All Local Movers Will Provide Special Treatment

While this may come as off-putting, the bitter truth is that not every mover is extra cautious when moving fragile items. Since cheap movers usually have a limited workforce, they move your belonging quickly to secure maximum orders. 

Luckily, as one of the leading movers NJ, we will take care of your fragile belongings in the most professional way. Make sure to choose a mover you can trust with your precious and delicate items. 

Corners of Fragile Items Don't Need Protection 

Corners are vulnerable to damage if not protected because they're the most sensitive part of bulky items. It is vital to provide padding to the corners to ensure they don't get strained and break.  

You Can Do Packing Like the Professionals

Another common misconception is that packing fragile items is easy and can be done by any person in no time. While we don't want to doubt your skills, the truth is that you don't know the proper ways to protect sensitive items unless you have professional experience in packing. 

You may unknowingly damage your precious items while trying to pack things yourself. Besides, many people skip necessary steps while packing things in a hurry. 

It is always a good idea to get the help of a trusted moving company in NJ and leverage a professional's skill to pack, move, and unpack your items

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